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Energy Therapies

Experience Healing from the Inside Out

All treatments listed utilize the universal energy matrix of the body, and honor the body-mind-spirit connection as a holistic system.

In this paradigm, signs of distress are first detected as energy disturbances. If left unaided, they progress to emotional upset, physical discomfort, and disease.

Utilizing the natural energy field of the body has many advantages:

  • ability to intervene at the onset of instability before emotional and physical symptoms occur
  • potential to correct the energy pattern of emotional or physical disturbance that has already occurred, to support a natural return to health
  • positive side-effect of deep relaxation which boosts immunity and releases endorphins
  • non-invasive, gentle alternative to complement traditional medicine

Find the options that best suit you by exploring the individual pages on the treatments menu to the left.

Alternative treatments are not meant to be a substitute for other appropriate forms of medical or emotional care, but rather a complement and additional choice for your holistic health.