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Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

Reclaim Your Inner Calm

Guided meditation has many benefits:

  • Slowing your breathing rate
  • Deepening the quality of your breath
  • Slowing your heart rate
  • Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation
  • Instilling relaxation states into muscle and cellular memory

After inducing a relaxed state into the energy field, a session utilizes imagery and the power of positive suggestion to bring about enhanced feelings of well-being that radiate from within.

One may create a place of perfect peace that can be visited at anytime, or one may reinforce chosen affirmations to influence desired change in thinking or behavior. One may also create a healing place where the fractured energy of former selves may be nurtured back to balance.

Each session is designed for you, personally, with no prepackaged scripts. You decide how to best create your deepening sense of peace.

Guided meditation has been successful in aiding:
  • Ability to Relax Despite Stress
  • Ease of Sleep
  • Self-confidence
  • Positive Action Toward Life-goals
  • Inner Calm
  • Release of Emotional Blocks
  • Reclaiming of Authentic Self