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Prices/Gift Certificates
Inclusive Pricing

Invest in a Circle of Well-being

You select your price each session based on office time, regardless of your choice of treatment. Allow extra time with your first visit for paperwork and consultation at no extra charge.

Accepted payment methods are by cash, personal check, credit/debit card, or by sending money via PayPal to Deb at paypal@wellspringwellness.com. See the Inclusive Pricing guide below. Self-select the category that best reflects your current resources, then pick a price within that range that feels comfortable to you. Numbers listed assume a 60 minute session.

Inclusive Pricing
My current resources...
amply exceed basic needs moderately exceed basic needs modestly exceed basic needs meet basic needs fall short of basic needs
$110 - $90 $85 - $65 $55 - $30 $25 - $5 $0

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available for Energy Therapy sessions.

$45 - 30 minute session
$70 - 60 minute session
$95 - 90 minute session

Bach Flower Essences
$10 - remedy refills

Prices are negotiated per event and are available in a variety of session lengths starting from an hour and ranging up to a weekend retreat. Your fee considerations include, but are not limited to: travel expenses, type of workshop, facility fees, size of group, supplies, and length of session.