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Harness the Power of SoulCollage®

Discover Your Inner Wisdom

In 2012, I became a trained SoulCollage® facilitator. SoulCollage® is an intuitive art practice to explore the many facets of you inner self/ves (www.soulcollage.com). This artistic process is a fun, easy and meaningful path to self-exploration. From an array of images, you select ones that captivate you. Rather than a thinking/critiquing selection process, you select based on an innate emotional response to the image, perhaps without knowing why. Only the skills of cutting and pasting are needed to make powerful cards that allow you to peek inside yourself. As you speak from each image in your newly made card, the meaning and messages come through that are unique to you.

Group classes will be offered to the general public and priced per session when advertised. You may also hire me to facilitate your group, price negotiated by length of session, travel expenses, facility costs and number of participants (minimum two-hour session/maximum weekend retreat). Class offerings include the following:

Introductory Workshops: Making Your First Cards

Card-Making Club: Adding to Your Deck

Advanced Workshops:
(Prerequisite = completing at least 1 Introductory Workshop and making several cards for your deck; could be included an initial weekend retreat)

     Journaling: Letting the Cards Speak

     Reading: The Gift of Guidance

     Embodiment: Activating Intuitive Energy

     The Chakras: Inviting Your Animal Guides

Ceremony: The Power of Cards in Community

Private Facilitation: One-on-One Guidance
For a more in-depth SoulCollage® experience, you may enjoy your own private, hour-long sessions. All of the same knowledge and materials from the introductory and advanced group workshops will be available to you in the Wellspring Wellness office. You will have the added benefit of the individual attention and the opportunity to intimately explore your cards and the guidance they have for you.

Please note: while in this process of self-exploration therapeutic effects may occur, however it is not intended to be therapy, or used in place of professional counseling. If you are currently seeing a professional counselor, your SoulCollage® cards may complement your traditional therapy sessions with a therapist familiar with the process. Should the need arise, a list of professional counselors who have attended SoulCollage® classes will be provided for referral.