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Sound/Vibration Healing
Sound/Vibration Healing

Surround Yourself in Waves of Healing Tones

Daily life is filled with sound that affects your energy vibration. Think of the contrast between a jackhammer and the ocean, or a beeping alarm and singing birds. Technological advances have created artificial sounds in our environment that induce stress and produce waves of disturbance.

Your body automatically assimilates to the vibrations in your surroundings. Counteract the mechanical noise pollution that alters your body's natural rhythms by introducing healing tones.

The sound vibrations of tuning forks and the human voice can cleanse the effects of environmental noise and restore harmonious vibration to your energy field. In addition to listening to the healing overtones, the sound is waved through your body's electromagnetic aura. The end of the tuning fork may also be used to physically vibrate through an acupressure point or other key areas of the physical body.

Experience the relaxing pleasure of this subtle, yet powerful healing technique.

Sound Vibration Healing has been successful in aiding:
  • Relaxation of the Nervous System
  • Overall Stress Reduction
  • Emotional Stability
  • Chakra and Aura Balancing
  • Stimulation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Balancing the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection