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Ongoing Gifts of Appreciation for You

All specials are my way of thanking you for entrusting me with your health and well-being. Because of you, I am able to put my passion into practice.

Repeat Rewards
While acute care is essential during times of crisis, routine care enhances your overall quality of being. Repeat Rewards offers you incentive to maintain your optimum health. After 10 paid visits, your 11th session is free!

It pays to take care of yourself.

Referral Rewards
Your satisfaction is my best advertising. Any recommendations you make to family and friends to try Wellspring Wellness are appreciated. When a first time client mentions that you sent them, you will receive a coupon for $10 off.

The coupon may be used one of two ways. As a SINGLE BONUS, you may redeem the coupon at your next appointment. As a DOUBLE BONUS, you may give the coupon to a potential new client. They will receive $10 off their first visit, and you will receive another coupon when they mention you as a referral.

The gift is in the giving.