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Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction

Connect to Your Higher Power

Spiritual Direction, regardless of religious affiliation, is about living your life's purpose from the core of your being. Your beliefs and values can help bring your true self to life, so that your inner wisdom becomes the outward expression of your day-to-day living.

Spiritual Direction assumes that your human existence is sacred and your journey is unique. As your director, I will simply companion you as we listen to the wisdom of your heart and support where you are with unconditional love. All faith traditions are welcome, but none are needed. You will deepen your connection to self and source.

The usual frequency for Spiritual Direction is to meet once a month for an hour. This is an ongoing relationship, as your spiritual journey is a lifelong one.

Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy, though you may experience beneficial side effects that are therapeutic. Unlike therapy, there is no diagnosis or remedy offered. If you currently see a therapist, Spiritual Direction may be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, your therapy needs.

Spiritual Direction is not life coaching, though you may find yourself changing the course of your own life in positive ways. There is no right or wrong way to live your best life. All choices are seen as teachers, rather than dually labeled as good or bad. The key is accepting and embracing all of the decisions you have made up until now. By embracing yourself as is, from where you currently stand, your future decisions will flow naturally from a place in harmony with yourself.

The benefits of Spiritual Direction for me have been numerous: feeling comfortable in my own skin, living my life with meaning and purpose that align with my core beliefs, being connected to the present moment, and interconnected to the natural world and humanity. I have discovered a sanctuary within myself that I can go to for renewal and peace. These are just a few of the positive results of my spiritual direction experience. Your benefits may be similar to or different than mine.

If you want to know yourself by heart, Spiritual Direction is for you.