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Your group may request me at your next event to facilitate an interactive workshop listed below. Prices are negotiated per event and are available in a variety of session lengths starting from an hour and ranging up to a weekend retreat. For more information on pricing, see our Prices/Gift Certificates page.

Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences
Be introduced to each of the 38 Bach Flower Essences, complete a self-diagnosis questionnaire, and mix a personal remedy to take home. (Minimum time = 2 hours)

Experiencing Your Energy Field
Find the healing power in your own hands with exercises designed to detect your body's energy field and chakra centers, then use a take home chart to enhance your chakra energy in your everyday life.
Energy Field

Easy Meditation for Everyone
Experience a wide range of techniques to relax the body, focus intention and quiet the mind. These simple exercises can be performed in as little as five minutes and in a variety of real life settings. Even brief sessions can bring extraordinary benefits.

Free-form Dance
Give yourself permission to move and freely explore the motion of your body. You can flow with the natural rhythms of your intuitive self beyond the limitations of choreography. Music, scarves and noisemakers provided. Also see Dance Be+Cause.

Discover your inner artist! Through an easy and fun process, you can cut and paste your way to embrace your wholeness. Information about group classes and individual facilitation is available at our SoulCollage® page.